(NEWSER) – Rosie Keo is due in court next month for her alleged involvement in a scam involving strippers who robbed male clients of at least $200,000. But in her telling, Keo alone made much more. Makes sense, if her story is true about strippers drugging doctors and Wall Street executives to max out their credit cards. As she tells New York, it began when dancers felt they were being underpaid for their performances.

So they wined and dined wealthy clients—often married men who treated them poorly—spiked their drinks with ketamine and MDMA, and took them to strip clubs like Scores in Manhattan and the Roadhouse in Queens. In one case, they ran up a $135,000 bill; in another, they drained the bank account of the father of an autistic boy whose wife had left him and whose house had been destroyed by a hurricane.

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