(NEWSER) – A live bacteria spray meant to restore skin with healthy microbes erased by obsessive cleaning has at last one weighty endorsement: it's used daily by a guy who hasn't showered in more than 12 years, per CBS Boston.

David Whitlock—a chemical engineer who manages not to scare away friends and neighbors—helped found Massachusetts company AOBiome in 2013 after making a surprise discovery about dirt. Soon after a date asked him why her horse rolled in the stuff, Whitlock discovered ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB) in dirt converts sweat's urea and ammonia into good bacteria with anti-inflammatory properties. He also guessed AOB lived on the skin of our ancestors before cleaning products were invented, and began covering his body with a mixture of AOB and water. Not only did his skin look and smell fine, but Whitlock says the mixture did wonders for his mental health, reports Bloomberg.

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