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As if we needed another reason to further our obsession with Ruby Rose. The multi-talented DJ/"Orange Is The New Black" Actress/Model just gloriously called out all the haters out there regarding her career as a DJ. 

Many people know Ruby from her role on "Orange Is The New Black," and a lot them apparently believe she just woke up one day, bought a laptop, and decided to become a DJ -- which is false. 

In a new Instagram post featuring a multitude of photos over the years of her at various DJ gigs, she explains that she's actually been DJing for six years, since 2009. She's been the support act on tour for artists like Nicki Minaj and Jessie J, AND has performed at many festivals alongside DJs like NERVO, Calvin Harris, Skrillex, and more. She has even released a track with Gary Go, who you might know from Benny Benassi's hit song "Cinema." See the full message below:

"Female DJS cop it at the best of times. But it doesn't make it less frustrating. "Oh NOW SHE WANTS TO DJ" the odds are if you have JUST started noticing a chick DJ get any form of recognition it's not their first day on the job. Love or hate my music, love or hate my abilities in any field love or hate my Instagram.. But let's get one thing straight. Know your facts. Don't just comment on people's pages endlessly with your negative judgmental s**t. The people who b*tch the loudest are ALWAYS the least important. It's just a google away, but before you may have heard of me, I still existed. I started DJing in 2009. I did the festival circuits with @nervomusic @erickmorillo @skrillex @calvinharris I toured with @nickiminaj and @isthatjessiejas the support act.. I released a track with Gary go.. I been doing this.. It's old news.. I didn't wake up last week and buy a laptop. Everything I do is a result of hard work and I'm proud of it.. Even if I had some less than desirable music choices and on stage antics in 2009 😂"

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BTW, here is her song with Gary Go, "Guilty Pleasure" -- which was released in 2012. And you can buy it on iTunes. ENJOY:

Also, you can catch Ruby Rose on tour right now. Check out the tour dates below: 


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