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(NEWSER) – The big buzz of the weekend was Sean Penn's 10,000-word Rolling Stone interview with Joaquin Guzman, less formally known El Chapo. The interview is said to have led to the drug kingpin's capture on Friday in the city of Los Mochis in Sinaloa. The latest:

  • How Penn got his meeting: Thank Twitter. Mashablereports that Penn's co-interviewer, Mexican actress Kate del Castillo, in 2012 addressed El Chapo on Twitter in a sort of "open letter" in which she suggested he "[start] trafficking with love." A connection was established: El Chapo apparently wanted to send her flowers after the tweet and had one of his lawyers reach out. After his 2014 arrest, the two sent notes to each other regarding a possible biopic on Guzman. A mutual friend of Penn's and del Castillo's looped Penn in.
  • Did Penn cross a legal line? Unlikely, at least according to the experts the Los Angeles Times spoke with. Stanford Law professor Robert Weisberg explains Penn wasn't legally obligated to reveal his communications with El Chapo, and in order for an accessory-after-the-fact charge to stick, there would need to be evidence of something beyond a meeting (the LAT's example: like "offering the fugitive advice on how to avoid detection").

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