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Iggy Azalea said goodbye to her fans on Twitter tonight, leaving her management in charge of her social media.

Signing off with ‘The internet is the ugliest reflection of man kind there is,’ Azalea clearly has had all she can take of being called out and ridiculed on Twitter.

A look at the comments she gets after every tweet reveals the constant taunting she’s been up against, and that’s not counting her ongoing war of words with Azealia Banks.

One report explain Iggy’s decision as the result of abuse following some recent bikini photos, taken with a telescopic lens while she was vacationing with her boyfriend.

Iggy has already denied that claim but clearly feels shocked at the response to those photos, tweeting:

It really has been a year of relentless hostility for Iggy on social media, concurrent with her meteoric rise on the record charts.

Check out the rest of the tweets below:

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