Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea has been working on her sophomore album, Digital Distortion, for a while now, which begs the question ... when are we going to hear new music? Iggy Iggs is finally letting her Azaleans in on the answer (sort of). During a Twitter Q&A with fans, the rapper revealed that her lead single from the new album will be called "Team."

Answering one fan's question, she described the new song as "20% meaningful, 70% bop, [and] 10 % ratchet." She said, "no. lead is TEAM. meaning: ive got my own back, i am my own team. 20% meaningful 70% bop 10% ratchet."

So when will we be hearing "Team"?! Well, not in January. Iggy explained that there will be other things she'll be sharing with fans next month, but it won't be "Team." She told another fan, "NO lead in jan - but content, buzz songs, viral videos and other cool stuff in Jan. :-)"

Basically, any music that Iggy releases next month will likely not be the lead single, and according to another tweet, these buzz songs won't even be on iTunes. But fans can consume everything on other platforms. 

Well, we know that we won't be hearing "Team" next month, BUT, Iggy DID give us a small taste of what the song sounds like. After another one of her fans asked about "Team," she responded with a short video of herself dancing in the mirror as the track plays in the background. She wrote along with the 23- second clip, "this outro is speaking to me and the answer sounds like a yaaaaaassssss."

YAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS, IGGY! 🙏 Sounds like Azaleans have a lot to look forward to in 2016 from Iggy Iggs! 

Photo: Getty Images