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This Monday, November 10th, iHeartRadio is giving you an exclusive one-hour behind-the-scenes look at Pink Floyd's first studio album in 20 years, The Endless River, which will be released that day. 

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iHeartRadio's Jim Kerr sat down with David Gilmour and Nick Mason to talk about the recording sessions that led to this release, their late bandmate Rick Wright, who is featured on the album, the future of Pink Floyd recordings and much more.

The iHeartRadio ICONS Special with Pink Floyd will air first on this station, online and on the iHeartRadio app on iHeartRadio's Classic Rock Channel Monday, November 10th at 9pm.

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The Pink Floyd ICONS special will also air on iHeartRadio's Classic Rock Channel at the times listed below, all ET.

Tuesday 11/11 – 9AM, 3PM, 9PM

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Watch David Gilmour and Nick Mason discuss the new album below.