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(NEWSER) – Martin Shkreli has been hemming and hawing about dropping the price of his company's toxoplasmosis drug since he raised it 5,000% in August, but it may be a moot point: A San Diego drug compounding company is now offering its own version of pyrimethamine for $1 a pill, a far cry from the $750 a pill Shkreli's Turing Pharmaceuticals has been charging for Daraprim, the San Diego Tribune reports.

Imprimis Pharmaceuticals also plans on taking on other companies "jacking the price up" on meds in niche markets with little or no competition, Imprimis CEO Mark Baum tells the AP. "While we respect Turing's right to charge patients and insurance companies whatever it believes is appropriate, there may be more cost-effective compounded options for medications such as Daraprim," Baum says in a press release.

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