Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren is back with a brand new single, and it features Mr. Probz (who you will remember from Robin Schulz's hit "Waves"). So, how did Armin and Mr. Probz end up working together? Well, for starters, they're both Dutch! They're also HUGE on Dutch radio, which is ultimately how they ended up creating "Another You" together. 

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Armin van Buuren on how he met Mr. Probz and "Another You"

"I met Mr. Probz for the first time at the BUMA/STEMRA Awards which is sort of the ASCAP, like the Dutch Collecting Society. They collect all the money from the radio stations and had this dinner. During this dinner they gave an award to the guys that were most played on the radio. So he got an award for 'Waves,' most played on Dutch radio, and I got an award for 'This Is What It Feels like' for most played on foreign radio. So we were showing off the awards to each other and we said one of these days we have to do something together, and I happen to know his manager really well. I had his phone number, so I called him up and a few days later Mr. Probz came to my house. We sat down and he already had this chorus idea, which he wrote with Niels Geusebroek, another famous Dutch writer. I was really blown away by the idea and I developed it a little bit more, sent it to Mr. Probz, and he loved it. And he said, 'Well, you know, let's finish it.' But we needed to go back into the studio because we only had the chorus. So we had to write some more lyrics and, I wanted to record real strings because I felt, you know, first of all, I thought it was cool. I always dreamed of recording real strings because it's so much more live than from the computer. So we went to the Wisseloord Studio in the Netherlands, which is a very famous studio. Lots of famous artists were recorded there. And all of a sudden I was conducting a string orchestra. Mr. Probz was there as well. We had a lot of fun and we finished the track right before Christmas. And then we fine tuned it for a long time."

One thing you should know about "Another You" is that it's the first single from Armin's upcoming studio album. Following 2013's Intense, this will be Armins' sixth studio album. And it sounds like this one is going to be even more intense than the last one! 

Armin van Buuren on his upcoming album

"I should have finished the master by now but unfortunately I didn't because the project is a little bit more ambitious than I anticipated. I'm working with way too ambitious artists. So I hope to release it in the fall. The first single is out now with Mr. Probz. We're still finalizing things."

While you may have learned a few things you didn't know about Armin and his new single/upcoming music so far, he told us SIXTEEN more facts about himself that you may not know! Educate yo' self. 

Here are 16 Things You Didn't Know About Armin van Buuren, according to Armin himself below.


1. Mr. Probz came to his house on Christmas Eve to finish "Another You." 🎄🎅

"I remember that Mr. Probz came to my house on Christmas Eve actually. You won't believe it, but it's true. My wife wasn't too happy about it but he showed up ... because he heard a little bit of a delay, he had a volume problem with one of the delays on his vocals. And he wanted it finished before Christmas! He showed up just in the afternoon, and, and there was no traffic, and he had to come from far away. So that's when we finished the track." 

2. Out of all of his career milestones, his biggest accomplishment are his kids, Fenna and Remy. 👶👶

"I know it sounds cheesy but, you know, that's the best thing that ever happened to me. You know, having 2 children. It made me a more happy human being. It made me more productive, in fact. It sounds crazy but now that I have 2 children, I'm more productive than ever."

3. He's really into PS4 ... and has a life sized Darth Vader in his man cave. 🎮

"My guilty pleasure, I have many, but I think my PS4 is probably my biggest. I don't have a lot of time for it. I think I haven't even touched it in a month. But I made a deal with my wife that when I bought my house, I got a game room, so I have all the consoles standing there and a big Darth Vader in the, in the corner [of his man cave]."

4. His reaction to hearing himself on the radio for the first time was "Ew." 📻

"I had to take a while before I got used to hearing my own voice. I think everybody has the same [reaction] because you have a feeling you sound completely different, and then you hear yourself back on the radio, you go, 'Ew.' But I'm used to that now. I had to really learn how to be a radio host. It's a very difficult thing and I really underestimated it. So I had to sort of learn, myself, the tricks of the trade so to speak."

5. The first song of his that he ever heard on the radio was "Communication."

"I think it was 'Communication' back in 1999. Yeah, it was a long time ago and on Dutch radio."

6. He played at the King and Queen's coronation ceremony. 👑

"Our newly crowned King Willem-Alexander, in the Netherlands and his wife asked me to play at their coronation ceremony. They had a big parade and they sailed in on a boat in Amsterdam. Then they had all kinds of different acts. And the TV would follow them around to sort of a victory, you know, this is our new King. And they asked me to do a small performance with the Royal Dutch symphony orchestra. And it was unscripted, but the King came off the boat, and I got to play with the orchestra in front of our newly crowned King. That was really a special moment. And 5 million people watching on TV ... Hi, mom!" 👋

7. If he could go back in time, he would not have quit piano lessons when he did. Also, his piano teacher smelled. 😷👃

"I had a piano teacher when I was 8 and she ... I hated her smell. I remember my mom ,when I came back home from piano lessons, and she [said], 'come, please can I smell you?' Because I smelled like books. You know the smell of books? And I couldn't handle the smell. That's why I wanted to stop but to this day I regret ,after 2 years that I quit piano lessons. That's the only advice of my parents' ... because they said don't stop and I did stop because I didn't want to anymore. That's the only advice I regretted not taking from them."

8. He's basically had every object known to man thrown at him on stage -- good, bad, and weird -- including knives. 🔪🔪🔪

"I have been thrown almost every object known to man. Flowers, bras, underwear, tomatoes, beer bottles, knives. In Holland we say, 'High trees catch big winds.' It sort of means that if you're standing in the limelight, then of course, some people like you, and some people hate you. But that goes with every artist so, it's the price you pay." 

9. He's a Phil Collins fan.

"I am a massive fan of ambient music but if I have to mention a pop person, I'll probably say Phil Collins. My favorite track is 'In the Air Tonight.' I don't know him personally, but I just love his songs. His songs are amazing and his track 'In the Air Tonight' is just in the, I love the atmosphere. It's so moody and it's a great song."

10. He could live on sushi.

"I love sushi." 🍣🍣🍣

11. He is VERY appreciative of his fans. In fact, here is a message just for them:

"Thank you, thank you and thank you. You know, the reason I'm sitting here and the reason because I get to do what I love is because some idiots think my music is okay, you know [he's joking about the idiots part, duh]. I enjoy the music just as much as the fans. I'm as much a clubber. I used to go to a lot of gigs myself. I still do. I still can rave like a clubber to any DJ, you know, like any DJ, you can learn something from so."

12. His first paid DJ gig ever was in Japan. 🇯🇵

"Well, I signed with my current manager in September '99. So one of my first assignments for him was playing in Japan. Two months later I went to Japan and I remember playing. The first time you come to Japan ... it's just such a different world in Tokyo, it's a great world, I don't mean any disrespect. But Japanese people have such a different way of communicating, and have totally different expectations. And they're so polite, and I really had to get used to it. But it was amazing. I remember standing there as a raving kid with my white pants on, DJing. It was really cool."

13. He has a law degree and still remembers a lot from his law school days. 📝📚✏️💼

"I finished my degree in 2002 but I specialized in business law and copyright law. I wrote a paper about the use of collective copyrights societies and I still think to this day that's a very actual topic because, especially now with downloads and streaming and the rights and all that. So I wouldn't defend your case as a lawyer because, for that, the current knowledge for me is too far behind, but I know the system, the way the law [works] -- at least in the Netherlands, of course. I don't know about other countries but the way that the copyright system works in other countries is similar to the system in the Netherlands. So it's a very [big] discussion of now. What should we do with copyrights, what's important, and I have a strong opinion about the debate."

14. His first concert was Emerson, Lake and Palmer as a teen.

"I think Emerson, Lake and Palmer [was his first concert]. My dad was a big fan of them and they were in the Netherlands. They were a synth-rock band from the '70s. And my dad took me with him, and I loved it. It was really great. It was fantastic. I was too young. I think I was 13, 14 or something. Yeah, 'Fanfare for the Common Man' -- great track."

15. He gets the most annoyed when he has to shut down his laptop during takeoff. ✈️

"The thing is what annoys me the most is those airlines that tell you to switch your laptop off when you're taking off. And is my phone seriously going to crash this plane? It's so useless ... I've heard that the safety demonstration -- I can do the safety demonstration! I actually asked it once to a stewardess and she was like, 'No, you can't do it.'"

16. This is his favorite emoji:


Listen to Armin van Buuren's "Another You" featuring Mr. Probz below!

Photos: Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio