At the young age of 23, Audien has long list of released singles under his belt, and even a Grammy nomination (nominated last year for his remix of Bastille's "Pompeii"). Now, the producer/DJ is back with a brand new EP, Daydreams, featuring his new single "Something Better," which is his collaboration with Country trio Lady Antebellum

Audien recently stopped by iHeartRadio HQ in New York City, where he sat down for an exclusive interview, and broke down all of the elements of the song, showed us some early versions of it, talked about working with Lady A, and more.

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Audien's Lady Antebellum collab as we know it now sounds amazing. But he tells us that there were actually 40 different versions of the song before it got to this point, and the original demo featured a different vocalist. Then, Audien took the demo to Lady Antebellum, and they loved it.

Audien on how "Something Better" came about

"Demos are always very stripped back, and you can hear the organic nature of the vocal. I ended up taking  -- because it was out of key, it was a different key -- I ended up taking his demo and pitching it up to almost, like a chipmunk state, which I do with all of my songs, because it's so rare to get a demo that's actually in the same key as the instrumental you're working on. So we pitched that to Lady Antebellum with the vocal, and they actually fell in love with both elements; the instrumental and the vocal."

Speaking of Lady A, this isn't their first dance music collaboration. They performed with Zedd at this year's CMT Awards, which was a mashup of their single "Long Stretch of Love" and Zedd's "Beautiful Now." Little did we know, a few months later we'd be getting another dance music collab from them with Audien! 

On working with Lady Antebellum

"They're such great people, and I always just want to work with great people. That's how good records come, I think, is when you take great people, put them together in a studio, or these days in a virtual studio. And it's just all about good music coming from good people."  

Go behind the beat with Audien above, and listen to early versions of the song, all of the moving parts that went into making the hit, and hear how the track progressed from beginning to end in our exclusive interview! 


Check out Audien & Lady Antebellum's "Something Better" lyric video below! 


Photos: Rachel Kaplan for iHeartRadio