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Ultra weekend one is over, how did your set go?

It was amazing. Like full energy. We loved it, we played a lot of new songs as well. It’s such an international festival, it’s not only Miami and U.S. You see flags from Argentina, Sweden, Spain.  So it’s such a cool  vibe.

Can we expect any surprises for weekend two?

Well, yeah, we’re going to do something different for the second weekend.

No hints?

No hints, no hints  - otherwise it’s not a surprise!

What is your favorite part about coming to Miami?

Well, first of all, the weather. I know it’s a cliché, but we come from Holland, and it’s so, so depressing right now. Still snowing. But the vibe, the whole Miami vibe is great. Everybody is having fun. Everyday there is a different party. It’s just amazing to be here, and really inspires us as well. All of our friends are here, DJ friends, all of our colleagues, you hang out together. It’s like the only time in the whole year you can do that.

I was going to say, all of your buddies are here. Who is your favorite person to run into?

Well, I guess Hardwell is one of our best friends, so, yeah.

So, are you guys looking forward to the pool party today?

Yes, of course! This is the first time we’re doing our own pool party for our label Hysteria. And it’s amazing! The turnout already is great. We never expected to sell it out, so it’s really cool to do your first pool party and sell it out. And the weather seems to be really nice, and it’s already pretty crowded now, and with our DJ friends from Hysteria. It’s just fun.

Can we hear some new music today?

Definitely! Of course.

Well, it seems like you guys are at every festival? Which festival on your roster are you the most excited about the most?

Wow, that’s a really difficult question. Well, we’re pretty excited about Ultra right now. We live from one festival to another, so right now it’s all about Ultra. And that’s one of the biggest of the year for us. Main Stage Ultra is a big thing. And it’s going on the live stream and everything, so we want to make sure we deliver a really great set, and do something different.

Where does your name come from?

Well, a friend of ours had a nickname. Like from the AIM chat program, “Bingo Player.”  So when we were choosing a name, we just took that name, and put an “S” to it. And that’s it!

So you took your friend’s screenname. What were your screen names?

I don’t know! I don’t even remember! But that’s the real story behind it. It was such a long time ago.

How would you guys describe your music?

Well, I think we like stuff to be melodic, high energy. Just high energy, melodic music. Big sound!

You guys like to “rattle” the crowd?

We like to rattle the crowd for sure.

What do you guys have going on in the studio? What can we expect to hear this year?

Well, we just finished three songs. One is really finished, and we’re going to play that one today as well. And the other songs we still have to test out a bit, and when we come back to the studio in two weeks, we’re going to work on new stuff. So pretty exciting. It’s something different than usual. We always try to make fresh tracks, and not to make a copy of the last song we did. Everybody always asks us to make “Rattle” part two. But we don’t do that, that’s too boring. We want to make something new and fresh.

Well, being around a lot of your friends down here, do you think that music is kind of born from this week with collaborations?

To be honest, in between the Ultras we’re touring. So we’re doing our own pool party today, and then tomorrow we’re going to Cancun, Mexico, Washington, Toronto, and then we come back for Ultra. So we don’t really have a lot of time.

If you guys could play bingo with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?

Wow, dead or alive. I would like to play some Bingo with Daft Punk! Yeah, that would be cool, the four of us. Two on two! That would be awesome.