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The Chainsmokers are back with their new song, "Roses," which is the third original single released this year following "Let You Go" and "Good Intentions." The track features Philadelphia singer/songwriter Rozes, and according to the guys, was one of the most stress-free, natural songs they've ever made. In fact, they were able to create the song all in one recording session. 

Speaking of their "Roses" session, one thing fans may not realize, is that the duo's own Drew Taggart actually sings on the hook for the song. He tells iHeartRadio in an exclusive interview that he wanted to incorporate a girl and guy's vocals into the song. 

Drew from The Chainsmokers on making "Roses"

"One afternoon we were chilling with Rozes, and she had wrote the first verse. And I had the beat for it. We changed her melody to do that. And then, I'd been listening to Grouplove, and I wanted to do some girl and guy singing things, so we did the hook right there together. I'm singing under it. I don't know if you can hear it. We'd been listening to a lot of Flume and you can kinda hear that influence. I think it's a combination of Flume and Taylor Swift."

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The Chainsmokers' song title, "Roses," got us thinking about "The Bachelor" -- who famously gives away roses to all the special ladies on the show. So after hearing "Roses," we asked the duo to name which stars they would give roses to. 

The ChainsmokersPhoto: Rachel Kaplan for iHeartRadio

Find out which celebrities The Chainsmokers would give roses to below!  


1. Richard Branson

"I would give one to Richard Branson because he seems pretty cool. He's a boss."

Richard BransonPhoto: Getty Images

2. Taylor Swift

"I would also give one to Taylor Swift because I just want to be friends with them. That whole crew."

Taylor SwiftPhoto: Getty Images

3. Stella Maxwell

"Stella Maxwell. She's not a huge celebrity yet, but she's so hot."

Stella MaxwellPhoto: Getty Images

4. Aubrey Plaza 

"She's so funny. She's just got that funny attitude. She's got that swag. Super self deprecating and sarcastic. Very sexy sarcastic."

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5. Derek Jeter

"He's the man. He's such a boss, that guy."

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The ChainsmokersPhoto: Rachel Kaplan for iHeartRadio

Listen to The Chainsmokers's New Single "Roses" below!

The ChainsmokersPhoto: Rachel Kaplan for iHeartRadio