Conrad Sewell

We first became Conrad Sewell fans after we heard his collaboration with Kygo, "Firestone," which was a top five hit in multiple countries across the globe, and hit platinum on ARIA, BPI, IFPI Norway, and IFPI Sweden. Then we were introduced to his solo music when he released his hit single "Start Again," which won "Song of the Year" at November's ARIA Awards, along with the number one spot on the ARIA charts, and was included on his most recent EP (released on November 13, 2015) called All I Know. Now that we're in 2016, Conrad is definitely going to be a rising artist you should keep an eye on this year.

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Conrad's EP All I Know, released through the label 300 Entertainment, has already reached number 9 on the ARIA charts. The album contains six songs, including an acoustic version of "Firestone," his hit song "Start Again," his debut single "Hold Me Up," and three other tracks. The songs are diverse spanning from piano ballads, to smooth Michael Jackson style pop tunes. Conrad recently performed his new music in December during our iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Tour, with multiple stops across the country.

We recently caught up with Conrad about All I Know during an exclusive interview. He talked told us which song is most personal to him, which is his favorite, in addition to a few surprising facts that fans might not know.

Conrad Sewell

Check out our exclusive interview with Conrad Sewell below:


On the meaning behind the EP's title All I Know

"I decided to name my EP All I Know because music is all I've ever known, it's all I've ever done, it's all I've ever wanted to do, and all I've ever dreamed of. And one day when I was having a moment in front of the mirror, thinking about names for the EP, those words popped in to my head, and it felt right straight away. So I rolled with that."

On what Conrad's favorite song on the EP is:

"My favorite song on the EP is probably 'Shadow,' just because I think it's a great pop song, it's got a great vibe. It has the inner remnants of Michael Jackson, which I love [and] I grew up listening to."

On what the most personal song is for him on the EP:

"I guess the song that's most close to my heart would be 'Start Again' because it was sort of the first song that I wrote for the EP, and wrote that kind of changed my life in a pretty big way."

Conrad Sewell

On why fans may be surprised by the sound of his song "21 Questions":

"I would say the fans would probably be surprised by '21 Questions' because I think it's the most soulful in regards to, like, throwback on the record. It literally sits in that kind of vibe."

On his favorite memory while recording All I Know:

"My favorite memory from recording the EP is probably just all the late nights in the studios writing the songs. Those are special moments when you know you've got something great, in particular, 'Who You Lovin.' When we wrote that, it was a real jump for joy moment, because I'd written an up tempo that I really loved and felt like it was me."

On an interesting fact people may not know about making the EP:

"One thing that not many people know is that [on] 'Start Again,' the vocal take is just one take all the way through. We captured something on the demo, so we actually used the demo vocal. We tried to repeat it, and re-record it, and make it better and make it worthy for radio, but it ended up, we had an emotion on the demo, and that's just what ended up feeling right."

Conrad Sewell

Watch Conrad Sewell's "Start Again" music video below!

Photos: Rachel Kaplan for iHeartRadio