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Following his 2014 album With YouDirty South is back with his brand new melodic single, "Find A Way," which features the producer/DJ's long-time collaborator Rudy. Aside from his new single, Dirty South recently kicked off his headlining "Find A Way" tour" in San Diego. The tour goes through the beginning of January, ending in Honolulu. 

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Dirty South recently stopped by iHeartRadio HQ where he talked to us about his new single, his favorite "Find A Way" quote, working with Rudy, plans for new music, and more.

Check out our exclusive interview with Dirty South below:


1. Tell us about your new single, "Find a Way." What does it mean to you?

"It's a track I just did with a friend of my Rudy, who I've worked with for the last eight years. 'Find a Way' is my first club single after my previous album With You, which is more like a soundtrack to a short film that I do. So, I was very excited to come back and do like a big club banger."

2. What do you like about working with Rudy the most?

"He's one of my favorite people to work with, and we always do the most natural things together, so everything comes easy. It doesn't feel like work, and we always have a great time." 

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3. You did an awesome campaign on Instagram where you featured quotes with the song title "Find a Way" in them. Which one relates to you the most?

"I would say my favorite quote out of the nine that we did was 'Find a way or fade away.' It's by unknown. We don't know who said it. Maybe it was made up. Maybe it wasn't, but it's my favorite."

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4. In the "Find a Way" starter kit you posted on Instagram, you have the song itself, a box of tissues, Nutella, and headphones. What's really in your "Find A Way" starter kit?

"My laptop. Definitely in there. I can do pretty much everything on my laptop. And then more on a non-serious side, Nutella. A bucket of Nutella. Maybe some Italian bread to spread it on, obviously."

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5. You released an album in 2013 and one in 2014. Are there plans for 2015, 2016 maybe?

"Yeah, 2013 was album one. 2014 album two, which is a little bit more like a soundtrack to a film, a short film that I did. 2015 I've been really busy working on a film project and also doing dance records. So, it will be more like single dance records, and also a score for the film that I've been doing. So you can say it's almost an album. And that will probably come in 2016." 

Watch Dirty South perform a special acoustic version of "Find A Way" with Rudy below!

While we adore the original version of "Find A Way," we are LOVING this acoustic version Dirty South and Rudy performed together on REVOLT Live. They also performed an acoustic version of "City Of Dreams" 

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