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Ellie Goulding is getting ready to release her third studio album Delirium on November 6th, and we couldn't be more excited. Her last full length album, Halcyon, was released in 2012, with a re-release a year later, but now we finally have brand new music from the singer/songwriter -- 16 new songs to be exact (22 if you count the bonus tracks on the deluxe version). 

So what can we expect from Delirium? Ellie stopped by iHeartRadio HQ recently for an exclusive interview, where she told us all about her new music, including what producers she's been working with, everything about her new song "On My Mind," and more.

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Ellie tells iHeartRadio that fans can expect Delirium to be very electronic, and that the album as a whole sounds bigger than her previous releases. And working with Max Martin has allowed her to find a voice she didn't realize she had.

Ellie on new songs from her upcoming album Delirium 

"It is a very electronic album, so it is very much more electronically orientated. It actually kind of goes back to the roots as well, and I've got guitar in there. And I've got a song, which is definitely like a sister song to 'Love Me Like You Do' on there as well. It's exciting. It sounds a lot bigger to me. My voice has kind of changed in a good way, and Max [Martin] has helped me find this other voice that I didn't know I had. So I think it sounds pretty epic."

Ellie Goulding

On how she came up with the title for her upcoming album    

Delirium is an interesting name for an album title. Ellie tells us that the name just fit the music perfectly. "It kind of just summed up the record. It's kind of like a happy, delirious state. It just kind of made sense. It just kind of clicked together."

Ellie explains to iHeartRadio that she really went outside of her comfort zone on this new album, and that it's a big step for her from her last album. 

On stepping out of her comfort zone with Delirium vs. Halcyon

"It was a big step. I feel it's very far away from Halycon at this point. Halycon was made out in the countryside in my hometown, and I was very much in my comfort zone. Whereas a lot of this was out of my comfort zone. But a really amazing experience, [and] a new experience as a songwriter. The stuff that would come out for this record ... it's always a terrifying experience when you're on to something quite special, it can be quite scary."

As scary as it may have been for Ellie, she tells us she was ready for a change, and to move on to the next chapter. "I think that's going to be heard a little bit more, maybe, than stuff I've released before. I've got a feeling."

Ellie Goulding

Delirium is lead by Ellie's new single "On My Mind," produced by Max Martin. When you listen to "On My Mind," it's easy to assume the song is about someone in particular, but Ellie says it's not. In fact, she says that a lot of her songs have been taken from different experiences, but the only songs she's written about one particular person is her father. "I don't really know my dad, so he is a very easy person to want to write about specifically. But I've never really been one to talk about a specific ex."

Ellie likes to write about the "the human condition and that we find ourselves in these really weird situations with another person." So, since "On My Mind," isn't about one specific person, what is it about? Ellie explains:

On her new single "On My Mind"

"I think one day, we were at the Max Martin compound, and we were just randomly talking about having somebody on your mind that shouldn't necessarily be on your mind. And you can't figure it out why they're still there. Then I talked to friends about it, and I realized it was quite a common thing. Just having this strange situation of not necessarily being with that person anymore, but them still being around for whatever reason; and then just kind of trying to figure out why. So I think that song was the figuring out of why."

If you're loving "On My Mind," there is plenty more where that came from. Max Martin helped to produced a lot of the songs on Delirium. In fact, Ellie admits that he played a big part in her new album, and that she loved working with him. 

On what it was like working with producer Max Martin

"He was just the perfect collaboration for me, because he's got a really interesting start of production, but also has this pop sensibility. And he just made some of the most feel good, beautiful, pop songs in the last decade. And I was like, 'this might be someone I should try,' and then I was right. We worked -- not just him but his team as well -- really well together."

Ellie Goulding

Ellie recorded "On My Mind" in Los Angeles, but she recorded a lot of the background strings and backing vocals on the track at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London, England. Once she got a taste of what it was like recording at Abbey Road, she actually re-did a few of the songs there.

On recording at Abbey Road Studios

"I think I recorded something there, and then I was like 'oh I need to re-do a bunch of songs here,' which I never usually do. Once I recorded a vocal take, that's kind of it. But I kind of bent my own rules a little bit for this album, and wanted to rerecord quite a lot of stuff at Abbey Road, because I just love the sound. It came back and I was like, 'Woah.' I don't know if it was the microphone or just the vibe or whatever, but it sounded really a lot better."

After she releases Delirium, Ellie says she is looking forward to taking all of her new music on the road with her. She tells iHeart Radio, "It's been such a long time since I played new songs. So I just can't wait to get out there, and start playing them. That's the most exciting thing. Next year is going to be all touring, so I get to play them then."

Ellie Goulding

On the making and meaning behind the music video for "On My Mind"    

Ellie's "On My Mind" music video was released a week after the single hit radio stations across America, and was inspired by the 1991 film Thelma and Louise, which starred Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon. The video was directed by Emil Nava, and filmed in Las Vegas. Ellie explains that the Thelma to her Louise was played by the director's girlfriend. "She was brilliant. She played it so perfectly. I thought about getting a famous person, and then she was so good about it, and totally knew what to do, and it was a perfect casting." She adds:

"When I hear the guitar bit intro in 'On My Mind,' I just instantly think of some sort of gangsta situation. When I listened to the song, I did try to think of a few different scenarios, and this was  by far the most interesting to me. Two women who [have] kind of messed up their lives a little bit, and they want this change, this adventure, and journey, and that's what the video is about. [It was filmed] in Vegas. Perfect place, in an old casino. We were riding horses, and there's lots of naughty things involved. I mean like money and that kind of thing. It was such good fun. It was long. It was two very long days. But it was good fun."

Watch Ellie Goulding's "On My Mind" music video below! 

BONUS: Any Ellie Goulding fan knows that the singer is really into staying in shape and working out. So while we had her at our HQ, Ellie showed us some awesome workout moves! Check them out below, and learn a little bit more about her new music. 

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