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Hello (or in this case G'day?), and welcome to your new obsession: Troye Sivan. If you don't already know Troye, he has a very entertaining YouTube channel, but the 20-year-old Australian is also an up-and-coming singer, and he just released his brand new EP Wild

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Troye first announced his Wild EP during this year's VidCon, which he had previously done with his last EP TRXYE. Wild includes six songs, the title track being one of them, and collaborations with New Zealand music duo Broods on the song "Ease," and Australian singer/rapper Tkay Maidza on "DKLA."

Troye recently stopped by iHeartRadio HQ where we talked about his new music, and told us everything you need/want to know about him. 

Check out everything you need to know about Troye Sivan in our exclusive interview below:


1. Troye has a new EP out called Wild

"Wild is the first six song introduction into the world of music that I'm going to be releasing throughout the rest of the year. So we're basically consistently releasing music from now until the end of the year."

troye sivan

2. The first single off of the Wild EP is called "Wild," and the music video will be the first in a trilogy of three music videos!

"The first song on the Wild mini-album is called 'Wild.' Basically there's a trilogy of music videos. There are three music videos, and 'Wild' is the first video."

3. The meaning behind his first single, "Wild": 

"'Wild' is about a collection of experiences, but it's basically that very first night that you meet someone, and maybe you're sort of a little bit tipsy walking home with them, and just that initial feeling of butterflies. Like, 'Holy s**t, maybe this is something special.'"

4. The most personal song on the EP is a song called "Ease," which features Broods. It's about missing his family in Australia. 

"I think the one that I'm most excited for people to hear is - and kind of the most personal one I'd say - is called 'Ease,' and it's with Broods. I wrote the song, and it's about essentially .... I've been traveling and away from my family for pretty much two years now, on and off. I go home for a week, and then I leave again, and for some reason, one particular day, it just kind of caught up with me. I was with Broods, and Georgia from Broods was exactly the same way - missing her family. She's super young as well. We wrote this really special song, and then I left, and I said goodbye to my brother and sister, and I was hugging them goodbye, because I was leaving the next day. And they said, 'When are you coming back home?' I didn't have a return ticket booked, and I think that that was the first time that I had left without a return flight home, and I was just an absolute wreck. I listened to the song -- the rough demo from that day -- and so for me that song is that exact moment. And just the most intense emotions of missing my family, and missing home, and missing out on things. But at the same time, being thankful for everything that's going on in my life."

Troye Sivan

5. Troye collaborated with many of his own favorite artists on his album.

"Broods is number one. I was so excited about that collaboration. Then we've got a rapper called Tkay Maidza who's from Australia. She's from Melbourne, and she's just, I think the coolest person in the world. So, I'm super pumped about my song with her."

6. His guilty pleasure is eating Nutella by the spoonful ... like pudding.

"Everyone knows this because I talk about it in my YouTube videos, and I know a lot of people who do this. But I have the most heaped teaspoons of Nutella you've ever seen. I will literally - I'll take a teaspoon, and I'll have three in a row, and I just don't care. I'll eat it like pudding."

7. Here are a few of his favorite emojis:

"Lately I've been trying to make my emojis aesthetically pleasing. I try and pick the pretty ones. I like the blue love heart. I like sparkles - like little stars. The sun setting on the city is always pretty, and there's this one where the leaves are blowing."

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8. His favorite thing about Australia is that his family is there. 

"That my family's there, for sure. It's home."

9. Among the Australian stereotypes that exist, the one he is over the most is that Australians are all tan.

"That we're all tanned. It's just clearly not true."

Troye Sivan

10. Troye is one of four kids. He has two brothers and a sister. And they are all two years apart.

"I'm one of four kids. So yeah, relatively big family. I have an older brother, then it's me, then a younger sister, and a younger brother (Steele, Troye, Sage, and Tyde). We're all two years apart, and inseparable." 

11. He and his siblings love hanging out at home together.

"It's kind of rare now. My older brother's moved to Melbourne, and I'm traveling so much. The last time us six were all together, I don't know. When we're together, I like doing the whole family dinner thing, because we used to do that every night when we were all at school. That's something that I miss."

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12. His favorite color is a faded gray-blue.

"I'd say it's probably blue, but faded. A little more like gray-blue."

13. He shops at stores like Top Shop, but he loves vintage shopping. And the occasional Saint Laurent.

"I do a lot of Top Shop. I do a lot of vintage shopping. I do some Saint Laurent if I'm feeling extra special."

14. He and YouTube star Tyler Oakley are very good friends.

"He's one of my best friends. We met through YouTube, and he's just such a smart guy. And he's funny."

troye sivan tyler

15. His favorite song is "Wake Up Alone" by Amy Winehouse.

16. His favorite food is macaroni and cheese.


17. He was featured on Zedd's latest album, True Colors, on a song called "Papercut."

"It was cool. I've never met him, but it was through Twitter basically [that they collaborated]. It just turns out that he was a big fan of 'Happy Little Pill,' which was the single off my last EP. I went into the studio, and just recorded the vocal, and kind of hoped for the best, and he really, really liked it. It's the craziest thing that's ever happened to me. I still can't believe it. I'll just be driving down and see promotions for the album, and just to be featured on it is so cool. And for him to have taken a chance on me is really, really awesome. I want to go give him a hug, and say, 'Thanks.'" 

18. He's super creative, and aside from singing and acting, loves to make things in photoshop.

"I'm quite a creative person. I make stuff all the time. I enjoy graphic design, I like making things on Photoshop. I like filming videos, and editing videos. I like writing songs. It doesn't really matter to me at that particular moment what it is that I'm making. As long as I'm making something, I'm pretty much the happiest person in the world."

troy sivan

19. Although he has a number of hilarious videos on his YouTube channel, his favorite videos are his LGBT-themed ones.

"I think they're not necessarily the funniest videos, but I'd say my LGBT-themed videos. I'm really, really proud of them just because I think it's so important to have those kinds of conversations. And reading the comments on those videos is definitely the most rewarding thing, or going to a meet and greet, and someone comes up and says, 'After watching your video, I started telling people that I'm gay' or whatever. That is probably the most rewarding thing that I experience in life."

20. Troye loves to hear that he's inspired his fans, especially in person.

"I think it's more when I meet them in person, and then they'll whisper in my ear, 'I'm about to come out to my parents,' or 'I came out to mom like two days ago,' and the mom's standing in the corner, and she's crying because everyone knows what's going on. That kind of stuff you can't forget."

21. His favorite music artist of all time is Amy Winehouse.

"My all-time favorite artist is probably Amy Winehouse. Just as a songwriter, I think she was an absolute genius. And as a person, just super humble and down-to-earth."

22. Here are the artists he's listening to in his personal playlist at the moment:

"There's a lot of an Australian girl called, Gordi. There's a lot of Broods. There's a lot of Tkay who's on the mini-album with me. I'm waiting for the Frank Ocean album. It was supposed to come out [already]." 

Watch Part One of Troye's music video trilogy below!

Photos: Rachel Kaplan for iHeartRadio