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Fetty Wap's "Trap Queen" has taken over the entire world. It's the song we all can't seem to get enough of. But the best part of all is that there is plenty more where that came from, because Fetty Wap is releasing his debut self-titled album! 

We can imagine after all the success that came from "Trap Queen" and his other hit singles like "My Way," life must be a whirlwind for Fetty Wap, especially after putting together an entire album with 17 songs on it, plus three more songs on the deluxe version. 

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Fetty Wap on putting together his debut self-titled album

"It was good 'cause, I had the Zoo Gang help me, Monty, RGF, Kent. Everybody came together. We felt like that was the right track listing. It was a process putting it together, and I think it's gonna come out good."   

Fetty revealed his album cover on stage during a stop on the "One Hell of a Night Tour" in his home state of New Jersey. The cover art is a close-up of the rapper's face, covering himself with his hand, aside from his identifying eye. He explains to iHeartRadio that the significance of the album cover is that it was simply him, Fetty Wap. 

On the meaning behind his album art

"I really just wanted it to be Fetty Wap, and basically just being the only rapper out right now with the whole one eye thing going on. So I just wanted to be different, and nobody's gonna be able to copy that cover unless they get it photo shopped."

Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap's new album includes several songs featuring MONTY, and Fetty tells us that recording with him was his favorite memory from creating his full-length debut. The rapper explains that deciding who he was going to work with on this new album was a no brainer. He wanted to include the people who are closest to him and who got him into music in the first place.

On how he chose who he was going to work with on his new album

"Deciding who I was going to work with on the album was really a no brainer because, like I mention in a lot of interviews, I started the whole 'Trap Queen' thing without a feature, and it was never nobody else's song. It wasn't nobody else featuring Fetty Wap. It was Fetty Wap featuring whoever on the 'Trap Queen' remix, and that was almost a year after 'Trap Queen' was known by Fetty Wap. When I came out with the idea, I started doing a mix tape, [then] we're gonna do an album. Why change it now? I'm not saying I don't appreciate other artists, and what they do, [but] by the same token, I know other artists weren't trying to help me at first. There were very few that did, and I respect them but, I got my brother. That's who really got me started with the music, and that's who I feel should be known with me." 

Speaking of Monty, he and M80 are part of Fetty's inner circle, who helped him create his debut album. Fetty explained to iHeartRadio that "team work makes the dream work," and these are the people who were there.

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"Trap Queen" is a special track for Fetty Wap because of its rapid success, but there is another song on the album that was memorable for the rapper while creating his album, and it's a song called "Rewind" featuring Monty.

On his song "Rewind"

"There's not really a song that's more personal to me, but the most memorable song on the album [would] have to be 'Rewind.' We recorded the song a while back. I want to say that was the second song we recorded after 'Trap Queen,' and it just shows how far back our chemistry goes with making music, as far as me and Monty are concerned. t's always been a hit kind of thing. If we don't like the song, we're not putting out the song, or we just ain't gonna drop the song. We'll just tell 'em 'delete it,' and we record a whole other song. So, we always come together as one before we even be like, 'All right, it came out good, we gonna put it out.' So unless we just record some fire, then you never know, but for the most part, that'll be it though, like on 'Rewind.'"  

Speaking of "Trap Queen," Fetty Wap explained to us that the song was inspired by his "lifestyle and a situation [he] was going through at the time." 

Well, "Trap Queen" was so successful, the song was not only a hit in the hip hop world, but it made it to Top 40 radio as well. After all of his rapid success, Fetty Wap says that he's always worked hard for it. 

Fetty Wap reflects on all of his success

"I've taken away that it wasn't given to me. I had to work hard for it, and people don't [realize] that. Write the lyrics and meet people. I worked hard for what I did. I put in the studio work. I put in the studio time that we sung off the tracks, hook verses, ad libs, and made sure it sounded good. Went back in to make sure it sounded good, so when the people hear it, they sing along. I probably have 60,000 people to the 300 people that don't like it. It's always good to know that the work that you're doing is not being taken for granted. When you work hard, and you put out a good effort, good things come, and that's how I feel like it happened. I just made good songs, and they like it." 

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All of Fetty Wap's success has brought him to this point: his debut album. And the rapper is very excited for his fans to finally have it. 

Fetty Wap on releasing his debut album

"I'm mostly excited to see the people around me, [and] how they are going to feel. It's not really me that I do it for. I really get the motivation for all that from the people around me, really. [Their] faces when they see the numbers, and how many people are interested. I don't really know how to explain it." 

Listen to Fetty Wap's "679" below!