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Sam Hunt made us want to "leave the night on" in 2014 when he topped the Country charts with his single, but based on his recently released debut album Montevallo, there's more to come from this rising Country star.

On his college years and his album name: 

"Montevallo is the name of a town in Alabama. I went to school in Birmingham. And Birmingham's about 25 miles north of Montevallo. After moving from Birmingham to Nashville, I met a girl from Montevallo. We spent a lot of time there. Just a lot of experiences I had --  even though it's years -- had a lot to do with the songs that are on the record. So there's just a personal connection between that word, that place and the album."

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On football and the decision to pursue music:

"I never put a whole lot of thought into what I was going to do when I graduated college. As graduating came nearer and nearer, I started thinking more about it. And then football was something that, there was enough of an opportunity there to entertain that thought. And I ended up training after I finished up my last season. That summer, I talked to some teams and went and tried out with a team out in Kansas City. And then when things didn't work out there, I went ahead and made the move for music. But those were really the only two options I ever put much thought into. I never really had a plan at all."

As talented as he must have been on the football field, we're sure glad he ended up in music! Or we wouldn't have THIS to blast in the car with the windows down:

Watch the music video for Sam Hunt's latest single "Leave The Night On" below.

Sam Hunt recently stopped by iHeartRadio HQ in New York City where he treated us to an intimate performance and sat down for a quick chat. He talks about the first song he ever wrote, first concert he ever went to, first album he ever bought, and more!

Check out "Five Firsts with Sam Hunt" below!

First song that you ever wrote?

"A song called "Muscadine Wine." If you know, Muscadine is a fruit. It's like a grape. It's probably more prevalent in the South. But, it was a song that I wrote about wine made from muscadine. My grand-dad has scuppernongs and muscadine vines, and he used to make muscadine wine. So that's what it's about, the song. I didn't even start writing until I was 18. I bought a guitar when I was 18. But that was the first song I wrote."

First time you ever performed in front of an audience and what was it like?

"Well, technically, I sang 'When the Saints Go Marching In' when I was 8 years old at our school. They called it 'The Production,' but it was just a musical. A play. So that was the first time I ever performed. And I didn't do that again until I was 21. It was [at] a little bar called Innisfree in Birmingham, Alabama. I just got up and played, like, 2 songs on the acoustic guitar."

First album you ever bought?

"It was either a Conway Twitty greatest hits CD or a tape of an artist named Ricky Van Shelton. [I was] 6, 7, 8, something like that. Way back."

First thing that you spent your first paycheck on?

"Probably groceries, I'm sure. But I don't remember that exact moment, I just know that when I first moved to Nashville ... Because I was in college, I didn't have a job. I was playing ball in college. But when I first moved to Nashville, that was the most important thing for me, was groceries. And I was broke, so... I always spent all of my money on food and rent, so it had to be one of those two things."

First concert you ever went to?

"It was Drivin' N' Cryin' and I was actually in college. That was the first concert. I didn't go to any concerts until I was probably 20, 21."

Sam Hunt performs at the iHeartRadio studio in New York City.

Photo: Jess Mandia for iHeartMedia