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For the past few years Alesso has taken the dance music scene by storm, gaining fans all around the world with his addictive music. Today, his talent has led him to ruling the airwaves with his hit single featuring Tove Lo, "Heroes (We Could Be)."  But now, after releasing many successful singles and remixes over the course of his career so far, Alesso is ready to take the next step and release his debut album - and it's coming very soon!

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Alesso tells iHeartRadio, "There's an album coming and that's like the biggest focus. 'Heroes' is the first single from that album. And the album is going to come out the first quarter of next year. It's my debut album, so I'm really nervous, [and] excited. It's a lot of these emotions."

So what else can we expect from Alesso's upcoming album? The producer/DJ tells us that fans will be able to enjoy a collaboration with OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder.

"We have a great song together, a song that we both love so much. It's called 'Scars' and it's going to be on the album." 

This wouldn't be the first time Alesso and Tedder have created magic. Alesso famously put his spin on OneRepublic's "If I Lose Myself." 

Alesso recently stopped by iHeartRadio HQ in New York City where we had a quick chat. He talked about his hit single "Heroes (We Could Be)," superpowers, working with Zac Efron on the upcoming dance music inspired film We Are Your Friends, and more! 

Check out "Five Questions with Alesso" below: 

1. What does "Heroes (We Could Be)" mean to you?

Well today it's definitely one of my biggest records. I'm very passionate about the record. I'm really happy of [how] me and Tove Lo succeeded with it. It's an emotional record.

To me that song started off by us wanting to make a track that gave a certain feeling, like a euphoric feeling, but some kind of togetherness feeling. I always think that the biggest moments, the moments that you remember in your life forever, are the ones you share with others. So that's, that's the feeling I guess for the record. I feel like it's a song that you listen to, that remember with your friends. 

2. What was making the music video like? 

Well we just wanted to make a music video that wasn't too obvious, and also had a message behind it. We wanted to show that you don't have to be someone extraordinary to do good things. That's the message behind the video.

And then you know, then there's people that have these super powers but they cannot, they're locked in, so they can't use them. And then there's this guy that I play, who doesn't have any super powers and sacrifices to help someone else. So that's the meaning behind that. It's about embracing yourself, but you know, you don't have to be someone else to be good.

3. Who is your personal hero, and why?

I would say my dad. He's always been around, always supporting me, always making sure I [make] the best choices; even though sometimes I don't want to listen to him. But the sooner I realize he has a good point, the better choices I make. He cares a lot about me.

Also, my family as well. They've always been so supportive and understanding of what I do and who I am. So yeah, I would say my family.

4. Do you have a favorite superhero? 

I actually do, but he doesn't really have a superpower, that's the thing. It's Batman. He has the cool suit. It's just everything about him that I think is cool. 

5. How was working with Zac Efron on We Are Your Friends, and what's your role in the film?

It was great. He's a great guy. Super cool, very professional. The whole team that was there, they were on it. It was fun, something different. I think it's going to be a great movie.

I'm in the movie, I'm playing myself. Zac is at this party DJing and then I'm standing like next to him, and a fight or something happens and he has to leave the decks. And, you know, he doesn't want to leave it without anyone DJing. So then he sees me and he's like "yo can you, can you help me out?" And I help him out!

It was great. It was so much fun. Like I understand why people want to be actors, because it's fun.

BONUS: If you had a superpower, which would it be?

[To be] Invincible, I guess. Or, like Superman's power. Like, to be able to fly, and [be] super strong.

Photos: Katherine Tyler for iHeartMedia