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Audien is going into 2015 in one of the best ways possible: with a Grammy nomination! The producer/DJ was just nominated for his remix of Bastille's "Pompeii."

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On how Audien crafted his Grammy-nominated Bastille remix:

"What I came up with was something that worked with dance music but also on the radio. So it was a kind of a win-win. They [Bastille] actually just tweeted at me yesterday. So that was the first interaction, believe it or not."

Audien and Bastielle's first interaction:

Well the Grammy nom is only the beginning of 2015 for Audien. Fans can expect a lot of new music and shows next year.

On what's in store for Audien in 2015:

"A lot of new music, that's the thing. And, especially near the beginning of the year is when we're going to start putting out some new music and stuff. A lot of really cool shows coming up, which I'm really excited about. There's definitely a lot of really cool things coming, so it's worth the wait for sure."

Audien fans may have already caught some of his new tunes while on his recent AUDaCITY tour. He tells us how much he appreciates his loyal fans and their detective work when recognizing new music.

On fans figuring out what his new tracks are:

"It just shows that people are really going the extra mile to figure out what the music is. And it's cool to see people actually devoting their life to finding that out, instead of just hearing it and going, 'I wonder what that is ...' They like, search the internet and listen for little clues and search lyrics. I used to do that, myself."

We caught up with Audien at the last stop of his AUDaCITY Tour at Irving Plaza in New York City. He talked to us about his Grammy nomination, his Grammy predictions for the dance music categories, his tour, and more!

Check out "Five Questions with Audien" below.

1. Where were you when you found out that you were nominated, for a Grammy and what were you doing?

"I was actually preparing for a show in Philly. I got a call and ... there were some hints. When I found out I was on the train. I was on public transport and, like, I was like yelling about it and everyone was yelling about it. And, the people near us were like, 'What? What's going on?' You know, they had no idea, so."

2. After remixing Bastille and Michael Jackson, are there any bands or pop acts that you're a big fan of at the moment?

"I always like a really good vocal because I always build new tracks around vocals. Like, my Bastille remix is pretty much a whole different track with the vocal. I didn't use too much of the instrumental stuff. So maybe someone like Sam Smith or something would be kind of cool cause I love his vocal. But there's so many ... there's millions of really good singers that I would love to remix. 

I've been into everything, lately. I mean, there's so many new artists these days that, like. It's kind of hard to think of because I like everyone, to be honest. I like one track by him, one track by him, one track by her."

3. What are your Grammy predictions? Aside from yourself, who do you think deserves to win? 

"In my category [Best Remixed Recording], I'm a huge fan of the "Waves" remix by Robin Schulz. I think that's a fantastic track."

Best Dance/Electronic Album: 

"I would hope Aphex Twin because [he's] amazing. I didn't even hear the new album yet but I can guarantee it's amazing just because I've been a huge fan forever.

Damage Control by Mat Zo is a really good album. I'm not surprised to see it on here, either. I'm glad it got nominated, he deserves that. Deadmau5's album; it's really cool."

Best Dance Recording: 

"I love all of them, actually. Best dance recording should probably be "Rather Be" by Clean Bandit, for sure. It's a solid record."

4. What's one memory from your AUDaCITY Tour that you'll always remember?

"The first show was the Fillmore in San Francisco, and it was not the first time this has happened, but it was the first time I really felt overly confident to do it. I was able to, like, cut the music and they [the fans] were able to sing my songs. Like 'Circles' and 'Serotonin' and stuff. It's just really cool because those songs are not on the radio, per se. But it showed that there were some really true fans there that knew the music. It just showed me that these shows are all about the real, true fans of my music. So, that was one of the best moments is when I was able to do that. And I was able to do that throughout the tour, at every show, so it's even more amazing. But that was the first time so it's extra-memorable for me."

Audien after his San Francisco AUDaCITY show:

5. Did you debut any new music during your tour?

"Yeah, a lot, actually. There's probably three or so tracks that I've been fiddling with and debuting. And I have a million new edits that I did and mash-ups which are basically, like ... They're time-consuming to do because it's like every little second counts in my edits and stuff. There's so much new material though. It was good to play it all. [On his new music] Some of them are instrumental right now. One of them's a solid vocal track that I would consider completely done. But we're always fiddling with new vocals and stuff on instrumentals; we always want to settle with the best possible."

BONUS: What is your New Year's resolution for 2015?

"Well I would say go to the gym, because I want to go to the gym more and get more, like ... prepared for the shows. Because these shows have been more and more straining on my body. And I want to be more trained so that I can handle it. I'm really physical when I DJ ... So, after a full night it's just like, I'm exhausted. And then going to the next show, it's like I'm taking that with me. But it's just that, like, I want to be more fit for it. I know that's generic to say but that's one of my serious resolutions this year. When I'm home I need to make a kind of regimen and go to the gym and stuff. I don't go in the hotels. A lot of DJs do. I don't, because it's like I don't have the energy to go work out and then go work out."

Listen to Audien's Grammy-nominated remix of Bastille's Pompeii below.