Welcome to your new music obsession: His name is Kygo. If you haven't been acquainted tho the Norwegian producer/DJ popping up on everyone's favorite dance music playlists, allow us to introduce you. Kygo recently stopped by iHeartRadio HQ in New York City recently, where he talked to us about his music, and we got to know him a little better.

Kygo has been one of the fastest growing artists in electronic dance music over the last year. Now having a few original tracks under his belt, the producer/DJ is well-known for his MANY remixes. Kygo's remixes range from artists like Coldplay, Avicii, Ed Sheeran & Passenger, to Marvin Gaye, and even Dolly Parton! You name it, he's remixed it. Kygo tells iHeartRadio is latest remix conquest is an iconic '80s classic.

Kygo on remixing an '80s classic: "Take On Me"

"I'm always like looking for new tracks to remix, and I get a lot of remixes. But lately I've been focusing on original tracks. But I have this new remix for an old classic track from A-Ha's 'Take On Me.' They reached out to me and they had this idea that they wanted to, to like make a new, modern version of an old classic. And that's something that I [thought was] a great idea. I actually just made a remix, it's more or less done so hopefully I will release that real soon." 

Speaking of focusing on original tracks, if you've had "Firestone" and "Stole the Show" on repeat, there is a lot more on the way from Kygo. In fact, he tells iHeartRadio that he's been very busy in the studio, and would like to get an entire album together.

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An update on possibly getting an album together

"I'm actually just only working on my originals. I was in the studio yesterday, I'm going to the studio tomorrow. I want to get an album ready as soon as possible. Maybe this fall or this winter, so I'm working on a lot of original stuff, and I think it's going well. I'm very happy with it."

Kygo tells us he already has some original tracks in the bank with artists like Matt Corby, an Australian singer/songwriter, and Tom Odell, a musician from England. But considering all of the artists he's remixed, we can't help but wonder who else Kygo would want to feature on his album. So we asked.

On Kygo on his dream collaborations

"[There are] a lot of people I want to work with. I guess maybe like Chris Martin from Coldplay would be a dream come true and Ed Sheeran, The Weeknd. [There are] a lot of vocalists I want to work with. There's so many talented vocalists out there so, I just try to work with as many as possible."

All of the above NEEDS to happen.


While Kygo was at iHeartRadio HQ, we really got to know him. So we went all the way back to the beginning -- a six-year-old beginning piano lessons, to later on how Avicii has influenced Kygo, through required military service, to how his life has changed now since becoming a rising star in dance music. 

Check out the Five Questions Interview with Kygo below.


1. You started playing piano at six years old, and you played for ten years. At what point did you decide to start producing your own music?

"It was when I stopped taking lessons, I started composing my own melodies on the piano. And then I heard about Avicii a couple years later, I think it was in 2009. And then I got really inspired by his melodic style of house, of electronic music. So, I bought Logic studio and a Macbook Pro and a keyboard and started producing. It was actually a friend of mine who ... he had been producing for like a year. So he knew a little bit about Logic and he said it was a good program. So I just trusted him and bought it. When I started producing I did like one year military service when I had been in Norway. And I had a lot of time off. I had like twenty days off every month. So I had like a lot of spare time. That was when I started getting into it."

2. What was it like doing military service? 

"It's kind of required but it's easy to get away from it if you don't want to [do it]. But it was fun, it was not ... when you say 'military service,' it sounds very, military. But it was not. I was actually like a firefighter at a navy base kind of, for a year. But it was fun. I had a lot of time off, so it's kind of like, if I didn't have music, it would've been a boring year."

3. What was your reaction to finding out that you would be filling in for Avicii on the main stage at TomorrowWorld, and what did you think about the experience?

"t was crazy. My manager told me a week before that Avicii couldn't play because he was sick, and I had opportunity to take his place, and I was like 'wow yeah, let's do it.' I was skeptical because I've never, at that point, I'd never played main stage, and my music is not the kind of music you think would fit main stage. But I think it worked out. I played early. It was kind of like a sunset slot and I think it went well and it was a lot of fun. And the crowd was really good and I got a lot of good response afterward so yeah, I was super happy."

4. Do your remixes reflect on the type of music that you like to listen to?

"Definitely. I really like melodies. I like happy music. I feel like music can affect you in so many ways. When you hear a song with a happy melody, it can change your mood, it can change your day. I like to try to keep my music happy because it can make other people happy. And that's the way I feel when I listen to Avicii's songs. I get happy because his melodies are so happy. But definitely, the music I make is definitely music I like to listen to as well."

5. How has your life changed now that you're producing music and you have a large fan following?

"It's just busier now than it was before. Before I was just like, I was studying and I was just sitting in my bedroom making music. But now it's just like ... I'll travel, that's how I am. It's very busy, but it's a lot of fun. It's very exciting. I can just do what I love to do all the time, and travel around, play music with people. It's a dream for me."

BONUS: What is your favorite Avicii song of all time?

"Favorite Avicii song, I think that actually it's a track called 'Blessed.' I think he released it four or five years ago. And it's like a very easy melody but it's super catchy. And also, some of the new ones, it's insane. I really like 'The Nights.'"

Watch Kygo's music video for "Firestone" below!

Photos: Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio