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Big Sean's Dark Sky Paradise is finally here, and if you're like us, you've had "I Don't **k With You" on repeat since September, and most recently "Blessings." Now that the full album is out, our playlist just got a lot bigger. In fact, this seems to be Sean's best album yet. 

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On Dark Sky Paradise:

"It's really focused. This is my most focused album. What I mean by that is like, focused in like the points you wanted to get across, the sound of it, the different sounds we wanted to incorporate. And I think that's because I got to record it in my house. I got a house and I built a studio in it, put my money into it. Instead of going to buy, like a Phantom or some s**t, you know, whatever Lambo. I put it into my studio and it was the best investment."

Well, it looks (and sounds) like the money invested in the home studio has definitely paid off ... plus, what's better than working from the comfort of your own home?! In fact, that's what helped make Dark Sky Paradise different from Big Sean's previous releases.

On his home studio set-up:

"It's been great because one of the things that I had a problem with in all the projects I've done is having to get up, go to the studio, get ready to go to the studio, get to the studio, not be in the mood by the time you get to the studio, then having to get in the mood, and then half the day is gone or the whole day. And with this, you can go right downstairs to the studio and lay something down or if you're not feeling it, you're in your house. I don't have to get dressed, I can just roll out of bed, brush my teeth, and just go down there." He adds, "I got to live with this music and I think because it was in my living area, I personally see the progression in it." 

Of course, the amazing features on Big Sean's new album don't hurt either. His new album features artists including Kanye West, Drake, E-40, Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $ign, Jhene Aiko, Ariana Grande, Lil Wayne, and John Legend.

On his Dark Sky Paradise collaborations:

"The collabs it were cool because this album, I kind of like linked up with all the producers personally, had them come through my studio and the features. It was a very intimate, personal type of thing. And I was, like, connecting it myself, A&Ring. I put like a few different hats on for this project so that's another thing I'm excited about. And some good features obviously. You got Kanye heavily involved and it's some great great features."

Big Sean recently stopped by iHeartRadio HQ in New York City where we talked about his new music. And since his single "I Don't F**K with You" has been a staple to our playlist over the past few months, we decided to ask Big Sean about some of the things that he don't f**k with. Plus, we had fun with his #IDFWU photo editor in the rapper's own app.

Check out Five Things Big Sean Don't F**k With below!


1. People who hate people that they haven't even met

 "I really hate that. I really, I really think that's a dumb thing." 


2. Bad Movies

"That's the worst. A bad movie is a waste of time. Worst movie I've seen, that's a tough one. It's funny 'cause I can't even think of any off my top of my head. I think because as soon as I see them and they're bad to me, I, like, get them out of my system. I could say a whole bunch of good movies though. Like, Forrest Gump and Batman -- the Michael Keaton Batman."

3. Seafood

"I don't like the taste of it at all and the smell of it is ... I know some seafood is good for you, like salmon, and I even take vitamins, [with] like fish oils and stuff in it, but I just don't like seafood. I don't F with that. Even when I go to restaurants and I'm eating with people, I even order it. Even in my songs, I'll say, like, I got cal- calamari sittin' on my plate and stuff, just because I think it's cool and people around me like it, you know. But I'm not really with it personally."

4. People invading your privacy.

"Whether it's your friends, whether it's a girl, whether it's the paparazzi, you know, I don't like that. I don't like people going where they're not supposed to go."

*Side note, if you'd like Sean's further thoughts on the matter, check out his Dark Sky Paradise song featuring Ariana Grande called "Research."

5. The Mike Brown and Eric Garner Decisions 

"I don't F with how Mike Brown and Eric Garner weren't given a proper trial. Those are just two examples, but just in general how ... I don't like how the law can be above everything and excuse what they don't want to honor. 

We were in St. Louis, right before the verdict dropped and we were there and it was, like, a really crazy time. Then when it did drop, we were in Detroit and I was doing some stuff for my charity, so I didn't have a chance to go protest there because I was actually doing stuff with my mom and in Detroit. But I was watching it with my grandma and it was a real heavy moment for us all. Same when the results came for Eric Gardner not being properly, you know, taken to trial. Just those things like that, [are] just really depressing but it's been going on. I'm not surprised by it. You know, its been going on since Rodney King, since M.L. King, since Emmett Till."


Check out Big Sean's "I Don't F**k With You" music video below!

**WARNING: Explicit Language**

Not an explicit language type of person? Have no fear! iHeartRadio's Paul Costabile got Big Sean to create a clean version of his song. Well, sort of...

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