The good times ahead keep on coming for GTA. The duo recently released their Death To Genres, Vol. 2 EP, and went out on their "Goons Take America Tour," closing out 2015 strong. Matt & Julio recently stopped by iHeartRadio HQ where they talked to us about their new music and tour in an exclusive interview. 

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Death To Genres, Vol. 2 is the follow-up to Vol. 1, which was released earlier this year in March. The new EP features four new productions -- and even features their own vocals. The guys' vocals are featured on "LCA" and "Blow Up." They tell us it's a little weird to hear their own voices in their music during shows, but it they do enough to their vocals to make it sound different. "It is still kind of weird just hearing your voice so loud blasting in your face."

GTA on their Death To Genres, Vol. 2 EP

"It's a pretty dope EP. I would get it, if I were you 😏. This is just pretty much a giant staple in what we're going to keep doing, and it's just gonna be more cool music, more dope visuals at our shows. Just engagement [with] our fans. This whole year we've been working on a bunch of new stuff. And more good times."

On top of telling us about their new EP and tour, the duo also told us the story behind all four songs on DTG Vol.2.


Check out our interview with GTA where they break down the meaning of their songs on Death To Genres Vol. 2 below:


Track 1: "Goons" (Funcantasy)

"That song is over three years-old, actually. We've had it for a long time. We've always wanted to put it out, and we just thought it was finally time to do it, and reinvent it a little bit, adding some vocals and stuff. A lot of fans have really been asking for that one for a long time. We just finally ended up getting it out and making a really big point in the EP because it has to do with our branding with 'The Goons' and 'The Goons Take America Tour.' We made it all fit part of the GTA vibe. It was just more of a turn-up kind of song for our sets. Just the way to engage our fans who are now Goons. Our fans are Goons [and] Goons are all out to have a good time, and that's what we're about. We're Good Times Ahead -- GTA. Jot that down." 

Track 2: "LCA" (Lights, Camera, Action)

"I started making it on the plane to Miami, for Ultra, and just ended up debuting and playing the idea out at the festival. Everybody went crazy, and so we just decided to finish it. We redid our own vocal for it, and just put it out there. It's a really crazy loud song that is just meant for everybody to just go get as hyped as they can and I think it does the job pretty well."


Track 3: "Hell Of A Night" featuring Sandro Silva

"This was probably around the time when we first got one of first studios out in L.A., and he came by. We'd been talking about working [together] for a couple of years now, and it's pretty awesome to sit in the studio with him and create. It was awesome. The process was super-fast, and the ideas were just flowing. So it was a really good experience, shout out to Sandro. We've looked up to him as an inspiration for a few years, so it's cool to finally sit down and work on something with him."


Track 4: "Blow Up" featuring Wiwek

"That one is actually our second Wiwek [collab] that we've put out. We actually have a third one with him as well, but they all came from the same session. We ended up making three songs with him, and we just finally decided to put this one out as well. We had gotten him on like, one of the first times we really got him on vocals, and really thought about doing some sort of vocals kind of, thing, um, that was like a year and a half ago. It's just awesome to get that out and get that kind of sound out. Because we haven't put something out [with] the Moombahton sound in a while. We just wanted to round out the EP as far as just different genres, and Moombahton's one of our major influences, especially for the past couple of years. And who better to do it with one of the most upcoming dudes from Amsterdam. And he is a really good dude too, he's a really good guy to collaborate with. Also open-minded and into weird, different stuff."


Listen to GTA's "Goons" (Funtcantasy)" below!

Photos: Rachel Kaplan for iHeartRadio