Leona Lewis

Like her song says, Leona Lewis is coming back with the thunder. The singer released her fifth studio album I AM, which features her current single, "Thunder," and nine other new songs. Leona's new release, I AM, is all about empowerment and strength. In fact she tells iHeartRadio that she hopes her new music empowers anyone who listens to it.

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Leona Lewis on the meaning behind her new album I AM

"I wanted the album to be really uplifting, and it's all about going through certain challenges, getting through it, and learning your strength. Learning about how strong you are as a person, and how much you can take. Because that's what I've learned about myself. So, I wanted it to be uplifting and empowering for the people that are listening to it."

Aside from her new single "Thunder," which is all about the rise after the fall and learning about how strong you really are, Leona is particularly excited for fans to hear her songs, "Thank You" and "Ladders." "Thank You" is a song the singer wrote for her parents, while "Ladders" is more up-tempo. 

While Leona Lewis was at iHeartRadio HQ recently, we got to raid her purse! The singer told us about every single item in there, and from food to sunglasses ... she had it all. As with most women and their purses are.

Check out What's in Leona Lewis's bag below! 

Leona Lewis

DIFF Sunglasses


"I've got those, that brand, I've got two pairs. I've got one (tortoise shell), and then the black ones, I switch between."

Kind Bar

"Literally, a lot of my diet consists of Kind Bars because when I'm on the road, eating something really quick is important. And at least it's not just a chocolate bar. I like dark chocolate. Because I try and be vegan as much as possible. My parents are vegan. I'm vegetarian with vegan tendencies, basically. That's what I call that because when I'm with them, I have to eat vegan, but when I'm on the road, it can be a bit difficult to keep vegan."

Stella McCartney Wallet

"It's Stella McCartney. Got that for Christmas last year. I'm obsessed with Stella because I don't wear any leather or anything like that, so she's ethical; no leather, no animals."

The Mentos

"The Mentos is a staple piece I've actually stolen from my manager because she has a year's supply of them. She's my Mentos dealer, basically."

The Lollipop


"The lolli I stole from my guitarist because he raided his kid's little treasure, sweet, candy situation, and he brought out a bunch. He was like, 'Oh, do you want some candy?' I was like, 'This is really weird. You're a grown man with lollipops and sweets and stuff.' And he's like, 'No, no, they're my kid's.' So, yeah, I stole one."

Cell Phone + Moschino Teddy Bear Case

"Always got my phone, and my big case, one of my best friends bought it for me."

MAC Patnetpolish Lip Pencil in Teen Dream


"I was in the airport, and they had a MAC, and I went in there, and I literally bought everything that they had. I'm obsessed with makeup."

Atlanta Magnet

"I was in Atlanta and so ... I have them [magnets] from everywhere, actually. I don't know why I just have the Atalanta one in there, maybe I took the rest out. But I've got one from here, one from when I went to San Fransisco, Washington, yeah. I've got them all on my refrigerator, and I've got pictures on my fridge that I just stick all the pictures to the fridge [with the magnets]."

Leona Lewis

Watch Leona Lewis's "Thunder" music video below! 

Photos: Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio