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If there's one accolade that's regarded as the utmost achievement in the music industry, it's the six-pound handheld gramophone statuette called the Grammy Award. For then 24-year-old pop newbie Jess Glynne, it was a dream come true when her feel-good Clean Bandit collaboration, "Rather Be," won the title for Best Dance Recording in 2015.  

Take into consideration that the singer/songwriter, born in Hampstead, London, almost wasn't reconsidered recording the track at all and let that slight shriek commence. 

Jess recently visited iHeartRadio HQ in New York City for an exclusive interview to talk about the hit that broke her in, touring with Conrad Sewell and why it's so important for her to find success in the States. 

Jess on making "Rather Be" with Clean Bandit:

"I'd never sung a song I hadn't written before," she admitted. "It was just a really weird experience for me. I was just writing my album and I was starting to kind of mold my own thing. I just found the idea of doing a song with someone else [and] that was someone else's and not mine … just hard to comprehend at first."

Thankfully, Jess stuck with her decision to record the feature and walked away with a brand-new perspective on collaborative efforts. "After being on that journey of recording it …. I feel like it's just as much mine as it is theirs and it means a lot to me when I sing it every time," she continued.

jess glynne

Jess on touring with Conrad Sewell:

Glynne took that tune as well as a handful of other cuts off her debut LP, I Cry When I Laugh, on the road for a Stateside trek last month to forge the path of success from UK to the US with opening act Conrad Sewell by her side.

Interestingly enough, Conrad, who helms from Australia, is similar to Jess in the sense that they've both made names for each other by hopping on dance records. Conrad can be heard on Kygo's trop/pop-charged "Firestorm."

"That's the connecting part for both of us because we've done these songs that aren't necessarily our main thing, you know the feature thing, and the dancier thing," she explained. "He's such a great guy and he's got such cool music and it's got that raw sound to it."

Jess taking her music career from the UK to the US:

Asked about the importance of breaking into the United States market, Jess admitted that it boils down to the challenge.

"I think it is really important. I want my music to travel worldwide, you know? I think that's what's so exciting [about] coming here and actually being able to tour," she said. "Doing a sold-out show in America's amazing and not to just a hundred people, but to like a thousand people.  That's a lot of people. . . . I love a challenge and to come over here and make it work over here is like a dream."

jess glynne

Photos: Rachel Kaplan for iHeartRadio