Disclosure is getting ready to perform at our 2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival, which takes place September 18th and 19th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, and also getting ready to drop their second studio album Caracal on September 25th.

We've already been enjoying the duo's single with Sam Smith "OMEN" (and also still getting down to "Latch" from their first album Settle), but there are a ton of awesome features on Caracal and we cannot wait to hear them. Appearing on Disclosure's new album are Sam SmithLordeThe WeekndMiguelLion BabeGregory PorterKwabsNao, and Jordan Rakei.

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Maybe we'll hear a few new tunes from Caracal at our iHeartRadio Music Festival?!

Well, being that they are a duo, who are in the studio and on the road together all the time -- not to mention the fact that they are brothers -- Guy and Howard are very close. So we wanted to see just how close they ~really~ are by testing them how well they know each other. We asked them both the same question, and the object was for them to have the same answers. Find out how they did! 

Check out "Who Knows Who Best with Disclosure" below.


If Howard wasn't a producer/DJ, what would he be?


Howard: Connoisseur of Cheesecake

Guy: He would be an owl ❌

FYI, here is Howard's flawless Owl impression:




What is Guy's guilty pleasure?


Guy: Drinking ✔️

Howard: Oh, I put Tequila ✔️

If Howard could pick anyone in the world for you guys to collaborate with next, who would it be?



Who is Guy's favorite music artist of all time?


It's J. Dilla ✔️

What song title off your new album Caracal best describes your relationship: "Holding on," "Masterpiece," or "Magnets"?


It's "Holding On" ✔️

Guy: "But I did the 'just about.' Just about holding it together."

Howard: "We're only just holding on. OK, right."

Give us your best drawings of each other: 


The moment you realize what your brother is ACTUALLY drawing:


Watch the music video for Disclosure's "OMEN" featuring Sam Smith below!


Photos: Rachel Kaplan for iHeartRadio