Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa fans have been patiently waiting for the rapper's 6th studio album, Rolling Papers 2, the follow-up to 2011's Rolling Papers, but Wiz is gifting fans something special in the meantime: his newly released project Khalifa. The new collection of music is over 51 minutes of what the multi-platinum artist calls his "lost files," and his first album of original music since 2014's Blacc Hollywood

Khalifa includes 13 never-heard-before songs, which he's created over the last few years, and was just released on February 5th via Atlantic Records. The album features singles like "Bake Sale" featuring Travis Scott, which was released on January 21st, "Celebrate," and "Call Waiting," among others. The album also features artists like Ty Dolla $ign, Rico Love, Juicy J, Sebastian, Chevy Woods, and Courtney Noelle. iHeartRadio recently caught up with Wiz about Khalifa in an exclusive interview to learn more about the new album. 

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On what it was like for Wiz to record Khalifa

"The recording process for Khalifa was really easy, it was a long one. I didn't really focus on the end product. I was just trying to get the songs together. So there's the collection of songs from about three years ago, and I was able to just listen to them, enjoy them, and put them together in a order that makes sense."

Wiz Khalifa

Obviously the project's name comes from Wiz's name itself (his stage name, anyway). He tells us that he decided to name the album after himself because he feels that it's a very good representation of who he is.

On why he named his album Khalifa

"The significance of naming Khalifa after me is, I just felt like it's a great representation of who I am, and where I'm at, and what I've been through. And it's a great segue, but a way to also make a 'stample' --a staple or a stamp and make it official, and have people realize that the music is the man."

Until Rolling Papers 2 is released, fans will definitely enjoy the music on Khalifa. It's always an incredible thing for an artist to share previously unreleased music with fans. And Wiz tells us that fans can expect some motivational music, with all of the production being in-house. 

On what kind of sound fans can expect to hear on Khalifa 

"The music you can expect off Khalifa is really motivational. It sets people up for what I'm about to do with my next project, Rolling Papers 2. Because all the production is in-house. It's just what people are used to, me doing on my own without a lot of influence coming from the outside. And, it's something that I'm sure my core audience is going to enjoy. And moving into Rolling Papers 2, [the album] is going to be another great album that I feel like my core audience will enjoy musically, lyrically, conceptually. And that's where we taking them."

Wiz Khalifa

Watch Wiz Khalifa & Travis Scott's "Bake Sale" music video below: