You could lose your personal information through your refrigerator, and there’s nothing the government can do to protect you.

That’s if you aren’t killed by a hacker remotely cutting your engine while driving.

“If it’s connected, it can be hacked,” said IOActive CEO Jennifer Steffens. Her company gained fame in July after two of her employees hacked into a Jeep Cherokee and remotely cut its engine while the driver was on the highway.

Even though more devices are being connected to the Internet, including refrigerators that can order groceries for you, the government can’t set broad cybersecurity requirements.

“We can’t tell you how to solve the problem,” Steffens said.

By breaching a smart refrigerator or any other Internet-connected device, a hacker can steal an owner’s personal identification data like their Social Security number.

But without a solution, the government isn’t in a position to require manufacturers to defend against digital attackers, Steffens said.

Instead of new policy or legislation, Steffens hopes that IOActive’s Jeep hack will open a dialogue.

“We hope it’s more discussion … so we can understand the impact” of such breaches, she said.

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