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As President Obama met Tuesday with the defense ministers of 21 nations to strategize against ISIS, the terror state in the making extended its murder spree with jihadis from that many countries and more.

The same way that the fight for the Spanish Republic in the 1930s drew romantic idealists from all over the world, the jihad for an Islamic caliphate is attractingpsychopathic losers from seemingly everywhere.

These vile volunteers from at least 25 nations include not just the British-accented monster who has been videoed beheading Western hostages, but a fighter who sounds distinctly Trinidadian.

That fighter’s name is Shane Crawford, and he is one of at least four Trinidadian jihadis fighting with ISIS. He is the central figure in a video that is on one level more disturbing than the ones showing the beheadings.

In this other video, 29-year-old Crawford is not committing an atrocity such as might be expected of ISIS. He is instead frolicking with his pals in the Euphrates River as if they were not a crowd of murderers but simply a bunch of frat bros.

“It’s not that bad,” exclaims Crawford, aka Asadullah. “When you come out, you not feeling cold again!”

His giddy glee turns sickening when you consider the coldhearted inhumanity that necessarily lies beneath. He surely knows of his group’s unending beheadings and mass executions.

“I made ghusul in the Euphrates!” he boasts.

Ghusul is a ritual cleansing from head to toe, in this instance performed with all the solemnity of a trip to a water park. He exuberantly announces this winter day’s Celsius temperature.

“Minus one degree!”

Another fighter has on a black mask such as a beheader would wear and now begins to undress to join Crawford and their pals. Crawford leads them in plunging back into the river whose waters fed the first civilization. They whoop just as if they were partying and then call out just as they might at an execution:

“Allahu Akbar!”

That they would give the same cry in mirth as they would in murder makes you think that they are propelled not by fervent faith but by some twisted desire for excitement, be it diving into a historic river or hacking off somebody’s head.

In another ISIS video, the central figure’s identity is more difficult to discern. But the accent is just as clearly Trinidadian as he cracks jokes about a severed head he holds by the hair in his right hand.

“See, he doesn’t smile today,” the Trini-terrorist says of the victim. “This guy died of natural causes—by a knife. It cut this throat. Natural causes for an apostate.”

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