Antonio Vazquez, aka

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump received a devastating blow Wednesday when a popular Mexican warlock predicted he will be defeated in the 2016 election.

Antonio Vazquez, who styles himself the “Brujo Mayor,” or “Grand Warlock,” has made annual predictions regarding both international and Mexican affairs for decades. He’s also a popular TV guest and has written several books.

During a press conference Tuesday, Vazquez was asked about Donald Trump’s future, and offered an extremely grim outlook for the businessman as he dealt out cards from the tarot deck he uses to make predictions.

“Two triangles of spades! … The man has countless problems,” he said after one card was revealed, according to a Buzzfeed translation. “And see, here is the devil himself! He will never become candidate for the Republican party. And there’s more! I’m certain that in December, Trump will fall into a nervous crisis and will probably have to be sent to a psychiatric hospital.”

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