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Jewel's latest release carries a message.  The singer-songwriter wrote and recorded "Home To Me" for the public housing organization ReThink: Why Housing Matters.

Jewel says she agreed when the organization approached her about crafting the song, in part because it's part of a public awareness campaign - not a fundraiser.  She tells the goal is to get people to "re-think their perceptions" about public housing and the people who use it. 

Jewel says most Americans believe everyone should have the opportunity to live in place that's safe and affordable.  But she admits there are "a lot of stigmas" to public housing, and the majority doesn't want it in their neighborhood.  The singer explains that many think such complexes are filled with "lazy" people who are "getting a free ride," when in reality most of the residents are children, the elderly, and veterans who all pay a rent and other bills. 

Jewel adds that there's usually some financial crisis, like a car accident or a child's illness, that suddenly puts an individual or family in "dire trouble" - and often on the streets.  She says public housing provides the means for people to personally and financially get back on their feet. and have "some stability during transition times." 

Additional information about the issue is available at, along with a free download of Jewel's "Home To Me."