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Katy Perry's dancing Super Bowl sharks were, without a doubt, the talk of her performance. Since making their debut at the Big Game, Left AND Right shark made their late night TV debut when they stopped by "The Late Late Show," which was guest hosted by John Mayer this week.

The sharks sat down with Katy's ex, and were joined by their agent, who is a marine biologist named Carl (Brian Huskey) ... because as Carl so eloquently explained to John, the sharks can't talk. "They're sharks, they're not dolphins."

You might be wondering how a shark would survive out of water, as John Mayer was. But Carl had that covered, whipping out a spray bottle to keep them both hydrated. 

Finally John got to the shark that put them on the social media map: Left Shark. Now, you would assume he's on the left here, but in this instance he was actually on the right. He rose his fin to clarify.

John tried to get Left and Right shark to dance a little with him, but they weren't having it.

Watch John Mayer's full interview with Katy Perry's Super Bowl sharks HERE.

John Mayer may have been the show's guest host, but the musical guest that night was John Legend. John and wife Chrissy Teigen obviously had to pose for a photo op with the mystical aquatic creatures (we're so jealous).


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Watch John Legend's "Late Late Show" performance below:

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