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(NEWSER) – President Obama characterized the Sony hack this morning as "cyber vandalism" and "not an act of war," and Republicans including John McCain would beg to differ, reports the Hill. Also appearing on CNN's State of the Union, McCain charged that "the president does not understand this is a manifestation of a new form of warfare. When you destroy economies, when you are able to impose censorship on the world—and especially the United States of America—it’s more than vandalism, it’s a new form of warfare that we’re involved in, and we need to react and react vigorously."

Lindsey Graham chimed in, saying that Obama's comments "really bothers me greatly, this was an act of terrorism." He cast an eye globally, imagining "what the ayatollahs in Iran must be saying to themselves," especially "when he reaches out to a Communist dictatorship who's done nothing to change." "They must be feeling pretty good about their chance to negotiate with America," he concluded. 

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