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In 2015, Jon Stewart will be leaving the job he has kept for the past 17 years.

Stewart announced on Tuesday night’s show that he will be leaving his daily routine for other interests at some point this year. Stewart mentioned that there has not been a date picked for his final show nor does he have any specific plans for the future.

“I’m going to have dinner, on a school night, with my family. Who I’ve heard, from multiple sources, are lovely people,” Stewart joked. “This show doesn’t deserve a slightly restless host, and neither do you.”

Stewart got sentimental at the end of the show. “I thank you for watching it, for hate watching it, whatever reason it was you were tuning in for. To receive feedback for [the show], is the greatest feeling you can ask for. And I thank you.”

This year will mark a cosmic shift in the late night world as David Letterman is also stepping down. Comedy Central pal Stephen Colbert will be taking Letterman’s spot on CBS this fall.

Watch Jon Stewart Announce His Departure on The Daily Show

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