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(NEWSER) – Matthew McConaughey doesn't think there's anything wrong with the Washington Redskins' name or logo, but many others, including a federal judge, disagree. Judge Gerald Bruce Lee put out a 70-page ruling today that orders the US Patent and Trademark Office to cancel all registrations for the NFL team's trademark, noting the moniker is offensive to Native Americans, the AP reports.

The team had sued for the right to trademark it after the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board decided last year the name didn't qualify for federal trademark status under the Lanham Act, which nixes protection for names that "may disparage" a certain population, per the Washington Post. The team can still use the name and seek protection under state trademark laws—and the cancellation won't happen until any appeals process has run its course, the Post notes—but the ruling is a major blow for the team and a victory for Native American advocates who've fought the name for years.

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