Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald Holds A News Conference

A judge just reversed the Department of Veterans Affairs attempt to demote corrupt senior executive Kimberly Graves, and House Veterans’ Affairs Committee Chairman GOP Rep. Jeff Miller is furious.

The Merit Systems Protection Board batted down the VA’s decision after an appeal. Graves will soon return to her position in the senior executive service, Government Executive reports.

“The outcome of this case is a slap in the face to the many dedicated VA employees who do the right thing on a daily basis. In a twist of tragic comedy, VA’s attempt to discipline Kimberly Graves was undone by its refusal to discipline other employees involved in this scandal,” Miller said in a statement.

“Time and again, Congress has tried to make it easier for VA to discipline poorly performing employees, yet incredibly the department and the administration have fought us at nearly every turn. Enough is enough,” Miller added. “Every objective observer knows that the federal civil service system coddles and protects misbehaving employees instead of facilitating fair and efficient discipline.”

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