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Kanye West jumped in to play the role of peacemaker to dead the beef between Tyga and Drake. Mr. Kylie Jenner says ‘Ye got the two artists in a room together during one of his fashion shows, MissInfo.TV reported.

T-Raww says, “Ain’t no tension… We cool. We on good terms… We gave each other a hug and just chopped it up.” Sounding uncharacteristically mature, Tyga explained, “If somebody’s not taking anything away from you, your family or from your money, then you should never have a problem as a man.”

For those with short attention spans, the whole beef began back in late 2014 when in a Vibe interview, Tyga called Drake out for being fake, and said that he doesn't get along with him or Nicki Minaj. The 6 God responded by taking subliminal shots on Instagram and the record "6PM in New York."

Looks like Kanye could use someone to mend the beef he has with Wiz Khalifa

Photo: Getty Images