Katy PerryPhoto: Getty Images

And the reigning Queen of Twitter is ... KATY PERRY! The pop star is officially the most-followed account on the social network, being the first person to reach 80 million followers. #KatyCats UNITED! 

Katy may be number one, but Justin Bieber is right behind her with nearly 73 million followers, while Taylor Swift is at almost 69 million followers.  

So, what makes Katy the Queen of Twitter with 80 million people following her? Well, if you don't already follow the superstar, her tweets are inspirational, relatable, and hilarious. In fact, here are several of her words of wisdom that made us laugh, feel inspired, and opened our eyes to see that she's really just like all of us:  

When you needed good advice for 2016:

When you were feeling old:

When you thought you were a lone weirdo who was uncomfortable with odd numbers: 

When you thought you were the only person with an online shopping obsession:

So, so guilty 🙋

When you felt like the only clumsy person in the world:

And finally, when you thought you were the only person who did this:

SAME, Katy. SAME. #ChickenNugs