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Ever since we found out Katy Perry was taking over halftime at the Super Bowl this year, we've been dreaming about what her set list might look like. And when she threw Lenny Kravitz into the mix, our imaginations REALLY ran wild. 

So. WHAT SONG(S) ARE THEY PERFORMING TOGETHER?! Ryan Seacrest gives us a clue.

Ryan said according to Lenny, "he and Katy have been spit-balling ideas via text, and the song they chose in 'unexpected.'"

Well while we (impatiently) wait for their "unexpected" performance, we'll be imagining what Katy's halftime extravaganza will be like. According to Ryan Seacrest, "fans will see several songs, costume changes, and even an extravagant entrance and exit on Sunday."

Are YOU ready for Katy's Super Bowl halftime performance? Katy's tippy toes sure are:

Even my tippy toes are ready #🏈

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