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Katy Perry is finally shedding some light on her Mean Girls-inspired tweet allegedly directed at Taylor Swift.

Let's rewind back to the fall. As you'll recall, word of the Swift/Perry feud began circulating after Taylor released her latest album 1989 -- which features "Bad Blood." The song is reportedly inspired by Katy. Not taking the track's words laying down, Katy took to Twitter with a few words of her own:

Fast-forward to present day, and Katy is now opening up about her Regina George comment. The 2015 Super Bowl Halftime performer is on Billboard's latest cover, and in the issue she says, "If somebody is trying to defame my character, you're going to hear about it."

Did she mean to say, "you're going to hear me roar?" (see what we did there)

Earlier in the year, when it was first announced Katy would be taking over halftime at the big game, rumors began to circulate a Taylor Swift diss would be coming during the performance.

So what's actually in store for her show? Check out what Katy told Billboard in a behind-the-scenes look at her cover shoot below: