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Katy Perry has been through some super-public stuff when it comes to her relationships, especially her marriage to Russell Brand.

The "Dark Horse" star opened up to Harper’s Bazaar magazine about her relationship ethos, and explained she had to get therapy for the way she “mothered” men in relationships.

What’s refreshing about Katy is her lovely attitude to intellect. According to the singer, intelligence is a HUGE turn on, and if a man can carry a conversation, she is smitten.

"I’m looking for someone who’s inspired and could be inspiring with me. I’ve always been very attracted to gentlemen who have quite large vocabularies. One of my favorite apps is the app. In my late 20s, I've educated myself more than I did growing up because I wasn't able to have a great education. I was taken out of school, put in these weird, janky, kind-of-not-really schools."

It’s wonderful that she continues to educate herself and makes a point of that to her fans, and also that she appreciates men for their brains as well as… other parts. That’s the recipe for an awesome relationship some day and we’re sure she will find The One.

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