Keith Richards

Keith Richards had another nasty fall recently, according to a cover story in Rolling Stone. Fortunately, it was not as bad as the fall he had in Fiji in 2006, which required brain surgery.

It happened at The Rolling Stones' July 4 concert in Indianapolis. He was running down the catwalk toward the stage during the sax solo on "Miss You" when someone tossed a hat, which landed right in front of him.

He says, "I kicked it aside – and it bounced back in front of me and I hit the floor. And suddenly I'm on my hands and knees in front of 60,000 people. My bracelet came off from the shock... I might've cracked a rib. There's nothing doctors can do about it." He said he did the tour's three remaining shows in pain because he didn't want them to be canceled. He says, "After 50 years on the stage you're going to fall over occasionally and take a knock."

Photo: Getty Images