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Most of us would want to crawl into a cave and hide away from all civilization for eternity after accidentally spilling pineapple juice on Jay Z and Beyonce ... but not Kevin Hart. 

Kevin stopped by The Breakfast Club this week where he told the story of how he managed to spill the sweet drink on Queen Bey and King Jay while in a club. But how he handled the situation is hilarious. Kevin revealed:

"I pulled out $20, and I just gave it to him [Jay Z] in his hand. I gave him $20. I was like 'just take care of whatever it is.' I just left, I didn't come back."

Something tells us $20 is not nearly enough to take care of the "Tom Ford" rapper and Queen Bey ... but hey -- it's definitely a story for the grandkids! 

Watch Kevin Hart talk about his Jay Z and Beyonce moment below! 

Check out Kevin Hart's full interview below: