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Justin Bieber's Comedy Central Roast is next month, and we are counting down the days (OK, maybe hours and minutes too) until it airs on March 30th. Kevin Hart is serving as Roast Master for the night, and we can't help but think about what specifically Bieber is going to be Roasted for -- there's A LOT of material to work with.

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While on the red carpet at the Oscars talking to Ryan Seacrest, Kevin was explaining that he's been hard at work on the Roast. But that's not all, Kevin revealed one glorious subject he's going to take a shot at Biebs for. Kevin tells Ryan:

"[Directed at Bieber] Hey at the end of the day you bought a monkey. We gonna talk about it."

In case you need a reference, Kevin is referring to J. Bieb's pet monkey Malley, which Justin illegally brought into Germany and was ultimately forced to abandoned there. 

Don't worry. Mally eventually went on to live in a zoo in Germany.

How many days until March 30th again?!

Photo: Getty Images & Splash News