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After Kim Kardashian attempted to "Break The Internet" with her infamous Paper magazine cover, the web exploded with hilarious meme after hilarious meme. Well, Kevin Jonas has now taken things a step further by turning Kim's famous booty into a Christmas ornament! 

Kevin visited "The Meredith Vieira Show" this week where he showed off his hand-made tree decoration. Kevin tells Meredith, "I hand-crafted an ornament, it's very in season this year. I actually brought one for you. I thought it would be appropriate for you, it's very the to-do this season. I thought that would work for you. Hopefully you like it."

Credit: YouTube

Kevin explained that he actually made the ornament for an ornament exchange party .. and that it was a big hit! We bet. Can we have one too, Kev?

Check out Kevin's Kim Kardashian ornament below! 

Kim's Paper magazine shoot is just the gift that keeps on giving for the Jonas Brothers! Let's not forget about THIS little Instagram post from Nick and Joe:

What a tease.

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