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(NEWSER) – What do you do if someone accidentally damages one of the world's most famous artifacts under your charge at the Egyptian Museum? Do you a) report it to the nation's antiquities ministry to ensure it's properly repaired by specialists, or b) frantically call your husband so he can sloppily glue the broken piece back into place? That latter option is what's said to have happened to the iconic mask of King Tut, according to CairoScene, which translated Arabic website al-Araby al-Jadeed's assertion that the monarch's beard was knocked off during an ill-fated cleaning in October. 

The head of the renovations team apparently panicked and called her husband—also on the team—who then used so much epoxy that it ran over and dried on the mask's left-hand side. To cover that snafu, workers tried to scrape it off and ended up scratching up the 3,300-year-old mask.

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