Lady Gaga, Diane Warren

This year, Lady Gaga and Diane Warren teamed up on their "Til It Happens To You," which is up for an Academy Award this year, as well as an iHeartRadio Music Award for Best Song From A Movie. The song was written for the Kirby Dick documentary The Hunting Ground, which takes a look at a rather serious issue: rape on college campuses. In a new interview with Variety, Lady G and Diane open up about the song, and how they got involved with the project.

Diane tells Variety, that she felt compelled to become a part of the project as soon as she heard about it, and reached out to Lady Gaga to join her. "I've had my own experiences with sexual assault and it spoke to me. I reached out to Gaga and I have to say, she was very brave to get involved."

Lady Gaga on working on "Til It Happens To You" 

"It was kind of a tumultuous magic, the whole thing. I think it’s impressive that two women will kind of fearlessly dive into the most horrific parts of themselves by choice to make something. This concept is, I think, powerful for any person. We all have things that we’ve been through and we’re not sure how we should feel about them. It’s something that speaks to audiences very personally, as well."

Diane adds, "And you feel you might be to blame in a weird way. And you’re not, you’re not to blame at all.

Listen to Lady Gaga and Diane Warren's "Til It Happens To You" below (Warning: Explicit Content):

Photo: Getty Images