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The Rush Limbaugh Morning Update

(NEWSER) - Kaci Hickox is going to Maine after a brief and controversial forced quarantine in New Jersey, but it's not clear how long the nurse will be quarantined for in her home state. She has agreed to home quarantine, but while her lawyer says that should only be for the "next day or so," state health officials say it will be 21 days, the AP reports. A spokeswoman for Gov. Paul LePage says the state fully expects "individuals to voluntarily comply with an in-home quarantine." She adds that "if an individual is not compliant, the state is prepared to take appropriate action," but she didn't elaborate. In other developments:

  • Rush Limbaugh thinks somebody else should be in quarantine: Chris Christie. On his radio show, Limbaugh accused the New Jersey governor of giving in to President Obama by allowing Hickox to be transferred out of the state, comparing the move to Christie's "hug moment" with President Obama after Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Politico reports. "So one week before the election, once again, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has caved," Limbaugh said. "We need to quarantine Chris Christie is what needs to happen here, folks. This is the second election in a row."
  • Despite the CDC guidelines, states including New York and New Jersey are sticking to 21-day quarantines for health workers who treated Ebola patients in Africa, and "Ebola czar" Ron Klain remains out of sight, reports the New York Daily News. The apparent lack of coordination with state governments is a "theater of the absurd. It's laughable," says the director of the Center for Global Health at Northwestern University.

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