chris brown

Chris Brown may have dropped "Back to Sleep" in November, but he's not done with the single just yet. If you're following him on Instagram, you'll notice that the singer recently teased not just one, but three brand-new remixes of the bedtime thumper featuring ZAYN, Usher, Miguel and many more acts. 

In a new video, which was posted on Friday morning (February 19), Breezy teased three mixes of the song and they all include an all-star gang. While Breezy said that "round one" of the song will feature ZAYN and Usher, round two will see the likes of MiguelAugust Alsina and Bryson Tiller. Round three of the remixed cut will feature Tyrese and Tank's sexy spin.

With an all-star cast of R&B greats from past and present, it's only natural to get excited for these releases. Still, we should have known that Chris had something up his sleeve. Just two weeks ago, Ursh took to his Snapchat to share a snippet of his mix of the Vinylz, Boi-1da and Allen Ritter-produced tune

And if you remember correctly, Breezy also spoke about potentially collaborating with Zayn last year. "I know he has a huge fanbase and the fans are waiting to hear his stuff, so it would be cool to get down and collab," he told Capital FM last year. "I'm not a hard guy to get in the studio with -- I'm on everybody's songs -- so any time."

** Warning: The following clip contains explicit language. **

Take a listen to ZAYN and Usher's "Back to Sleep" remix below!

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