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If you're looking for something to set the mood, look no further than Disclosure and Lorde's new collaboration called "Magnets," which is just one of the many team-ups featured on the dance duo's soon-to-be-released new album, Caracal

On the three-minute track, Lorde steps up to the plate for a role that we usually don't see her in. Atop stuttering percussion, electronic blips and a steady clapback, the 18-year-old New Zealand native plays a seductress of sorts as she offers a tempting invitation to a lover that she probably shouldn't be loving. It's like "Degrassi," she goes there.

Disclosure's Howard Lawrence recently told Rolling Stone that "Magnets" is "the most equal collaboration" on Caracal. "You can really hear her sound. She has this sassy yet vulnerable thing," he added. No lies detected there. The LP, which drops on October 25, also features team-ups with Sam Smith, The Weeknd, Miguel and many more.

Watch a clip from Disclosure and Lorde's "Magnets" music video below!

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